26 septiembre 2007

El experimento psicológico más importante nunca hecho

The Most Important Psychology Experiment That's Never Been Done

By Brandon Keim September 25, 2007 | 4:57:29 PM

Tunnel What's the most important psychology experiment that hasn't been done?

The British Psychological Society asked this question of leading psychologists and bloggers, and is collecting the responses on their blog. One of the more interesting, suggested by Susan Blackmore: watching death.

The most important experiment that’s never been done is to take fMRI or PET scans of people as they die; either those who really do go on to die, or those who suffer clinical death but are resuscitated. If this were done we would be able to test theories about how NDEs and mystical experiences are generated in the dying brain, and answer questions about the timing of the experiences. Perhaps even this would not resolve the final question once and for all, but it would certainly bring us a lot closer to knowing what happens when we die.

And why has it not been done? Because when someone is dying it is far more important to try to save their life than to do a scientific experiment. Nevertheless it could be done, and I hope that one day the technology will be so unobtrusive and easy to use that the ethical problem will disappear and we will be able to watch the dying brain as easily as we can now watch the living brain.


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